Wednesday, April 9, 2008

PROGRESS is being made!

Well I finally got one of the long lost tea towels I've been waiting for weeks on. It turns out they got mailed to the previous apartment I was first told I was moving into. I completely forgot to inform my swaps partners of the change (as things were CHAOS then....some of my worst days...) and alas there it was. There was also a bunch of secrets fromt he post secret swap I'm in. Good thing I asked for them to be put in envelopes, otherwise the lady who lives in that apartment would have thought I was a nut after reading all those anonymous secrets. I'd be embarassed to take them from her. Ha ha!

Anyhoo, as promised here is the kitty on a rope cross-stitch I finished while waiting for the towels to arrive. I got the kit for my birthday from my brother and his wife along with a dalmation pup sleeping in blanket (which I have in the works!). They also got me frames for them so I just need to get some backing for it and voilĂ !

It didn't really take much time at all...I forget the requires a frame slightly larger than 5x7 I think??

I'm also working on some other things for the Needlework Swap I'm in on craftster. I can't wait to see the gallery. There are so many incredibly talented people in the swap I'm going to be drooling over all the exquisiteness. I can't wait to post my finished items!

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