Saturday, March 15, 2008

That was a DOOZY!

Well I'm back, and its SO GOOD to be back. We finally have the internet and I FINALLY found my camera and got some new batteries. There's still SO MUCH to do here but we're really taking it nice and slow. Since Dallas works nights he doesn't want to make to much noise when he's off as I'm sleeping and I don't want to make too much when he's sleeping during the day. Here's a glimpse of the chaos we're living in!

On the plus side however I now have my own little craft room. I've managed to put away most things but I still need to decorate and hang my tea towels.

Not bad eh!? There is so much natural light coming in through the window its going to really help alot. The chair is from the kitchen table. I need to get a nice comfy chair that adjusts up and down. Some curtains would be nice too. Could I make curtains?? I've wanted to for awhile, but I don't really have the time right now. many little time. I'm a lazy person as it is and I've learned if you let things lay on the back burner for awhile, the house isn't going to burn down.

On another note, I finally finished that shamrock diaper I was working on. I lost the floss I was using in the move and had to get another one. I think the outline turned out pretty nice!

Now I just need to finish Beetastic's Tea Towel for Monday to ship out for the Tea Towel Tour 3 I'm participating in at Craftster. Its awesome fun and keeps me busy. Speaking of keeping busy I've been doing a lot of that lately. My neice's 3rd birthday just passed and I'm planning on converting an old shirt into a sundress for her. I still need to get her measurements though. I also need to finish the wedding pillow I started so long ago for a friend as well as another diaper for my SIL's sister. Hopefully I get everything done before I leave for home. Er... well....old parents...there.

Alright well I'm sure I've blathered on long enough. I can't wait till tomorrow when I'll put up some pics of my Grandmas old craft card box. Its pretty neat and I've already pulled out some cards for future projects. The to do list just never stops growing does it? :)

By the way, I'm having so much trouble editing these posts. Why are they not being formatted how they are in the edit box? I have no way of knowing what its going to look like once I click Save! Its incredibly frustrating!


Rebekah said...

Your new place is shaping up nicely. The shamrock diaper turned out great.

PS You have been tagged.

Patty said...

Have you clicked on where it says Preview? That should show you what your posts will look like. Also, make sure you're in Compose mode and not Edit HTML (unless you're adding actual code). I hope this helps and hasn't just confused you more!