Sunday, March 2, 2008

We're at a standstill

So we're pretty much packed and ready to go. MacGyver is obviously ready to get to his new home which just so happens to be less than a couple minutes up the street! We've been wanting to move for awhile now as we are slowly running out of space but what broke the camels back were the harrassing phone calls and mysterious letters I've been getting lately. Very creepy!

On the plus side however we'll be getting more storage space and I'll be getting my very own craft den! I can't wait. I'll miss being near my husband (Dallas) while I work (as he'll be busy in the "music room") but it will make getting things done a lot easier without the distraction and mess. We were suposed to have moved this past Saturday but the people we are dealing with are the WORST so we lost money on the truck we rented as well as all our helpers. Hopefully Monday will be the day and cross you fingers there will be some kind of truck available. I don't suspect too may people will be moving on a Monday though so we should be fine. I had to dig through my craft boxes to get my hand on a project to pass the time. AHA! Found the perfect item! I need to embroider on a couple diapers for my SIL (Sister-in-Law)'s sister's baby shower. My SIL (Emily) will then sew them into a nice cloth diaper. She's been making TONS lately as her, her sister (Jordan) AND their best friend (Artie) are all pregnant and due at about the same time. They also all want cloth diapers too. More power to them. I'd like to go in that direction when I have kids but I would seriously have to donate an entire washer to cleaning them. I won't be washing my regular clothes with balls of poo covered in fabric and I don't care how clean my brother says it is, there's gotta be reamaining particles attached to you at all times. Maybe that's why he always has pink eye? HA!

Okay I've been rambling so back to the subject at hand, the diapers.

Jordans's husband is Irish (they had a really neat wedding with the men in quilts with swords!) so I'm just doing a simple clover with their last name atop. Yes I should have done a four leaf but I love the design in this one too much not to do it.

My progress so far. I was going to outline the light green very lightly with one strand of dark green. I think outlining gives everything a more polished look. I was also going to do the letters in the same dark green but I'm not sure. Any thoughts?


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Rebekah said...

Wow you have been busy. I hope the move goes as planned.

I think the dark green for the lettering would look great.